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Don’t Just Exercise, Trashersize!

July 14, 2019

My favorite form of exercise is walking about the neighborhood in the morning. Frequently, I walk with friends and neighbors, which is always more fun. One day while walking with my friend, Ronda, she shared that there is a movement called plogging which makes walking even better.

Plogging is a combination of walking and picking up litter. It began in Sweden around 2016 as concerns were raised about plastic pollution. As a workout, it adds bending, squatting and stretching to running, hiking or walking.

The author David Sedaris combines litter picking with exercise in West Sussex, England covering as many as 60,000 steps a day while picking up trash. In honor of his valiant efforts, the local community named a waste vehicle in his honor.

The Keep America Beautiful organization promotes plogging to its affiliates. Some have dubbed their plogging as Trashersize. It is very simple to do and requires only a rubber glove or a garden glove and a good size plastic bag added to your walking or running garb. I am fortunate that on my route is a fire station with a huge recycle and a trash bin where I can empty my plastic bag mid-way on my walk.

Let’s Trashersize and clean up our community!

The biggest offenders I have found in my neighborhood are fast food containers, styrofoam drink cups, plastic water bottles and beer cans. With school out, the number of cigarette butts and packs have increased dramatically. Parents should check their children’s interest in breath mints and gum over the summer. Undoubtedly, we have some youth with sophisticated tastes as there are frequently small disposable wine bottles on the trail as well.

Trash by the lake after a big rain!

Trashersizing is good for the body and good for the community. It is fun and anyone can do it! Join me!